LushEver - Wireless Front Button Bra
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"I LOVE this bra! It is sooo comfortable and supportive . . . I used to be so relieved to take 'normal' bras off, but I could wear LushEver forever"

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Designed for seniors

LushEver Bra is soft, wide and slightly padded. Its U-shape back provides support and all-day protection without leaving bulges and backpain. Front closure makes sure it is easy to wear and provides a great fit.

lushever front button bra

The front closure is divine for the elderly

Easier put on and take off with quick snap front button. BEST CHOICE for women who have difficulty with hook-and-eye bras or post-surgical. Save your time and free your hand. And wider soft shoulder strap relieves pressure on your back and shoulders.

lushever front button bra

Perfect chest shape

We've been specializing in lingeries for over a decade, and this product took us 3 years to develop. Why do you waste time and money on something that is too tight or uncomfortable and no gathering? With the Lushever Bra, your bust will stay in perfect shape and no more restraint

lushever front button bra

Wireless Comfy!

Thickened lining intimates with skin comfortably, prevent protrusion and provide a natural shape.

lushever front button bra



  • Materials: 96% nylon, 4% spandex
  • Colors: Beige, Pink, Purple, Red
  • Cup size: A - E
  • Band size: 32 - 48
  • Front Snap Buttons
  • Package includes: 1/2/3 pcs*LushEver Wireless Front Button Bra


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Angela C.
checkVerified Buyer
Really comfy! I’m a breast cancer survivor and find it super difficult to find a comfy bra that both looks good, but feels good too.. The cotton is a must for breathability. It washes up great!

Amanda G.
checkVerified Buyer
Very Soft
Very Soft
They don’t even feel like a bra! I am a child of the 60’s and teen of the 70’s. I attended all the bra burning ceremonies etc. I have always hated wearing bras, but do sometimes for formal settings. These I will wear on everyday occasions because they are fantastic! I did buy one size bigger than what I normally would buy because I had read they run small. So thank you to those reviewers. These fit perfect! They’re beautiful as well and I think they will make great gifts for us, “why wear a bra crowd?” ;) I will be purchasing more of them.

checkVerified Buyer
Second time buying for 67-year-old mom
Second time buying for 67-year-old mom
I bought my 67-year-old mother two of these about six months ago. She has limited range of mobility when lifting her arms. I just bought another set of three. She was so excited. She says they’re very comfortable and easy for her to just slide on over her head, or secure in the front. Her skin is thinner and sensitive and these do not rub and bother her. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend!
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